The Day my Life Turned Upside Down

I am a middle aged single parent who has battled for years in the corporate environment just to make a living. 
I have held some really high level roles and driven through strategies and processes within large organisations but always for the benefit of someone else and not myself. I have immigrated twice in the past 14 years to try to offer my son a better life, which not only drains one financially but also emotionally. We arrived in New Zealand, 14 years ago with just our suitcases to start our new life.

We struggled to get a home again, buying items from the op stores, I am not too proud to do that, so long as my son and I had plates to eat off, so what if they did not match.  For the first few months we even slept on mattresses that were on the floor, but we have a roof over our heads.

After four and a half years, I managed to buy a house when the market was in a down slump and the house needed tons of TLC.  I then spent the next eighteen months working nights and weekends stripping walk paper, painting, filling holes that I discovered in the walls behind the wall paper, revamping the bathroom and en suite.  I had always wanted to move to Australia but told my son he had to finish school first so he could decide where he wanted to live.  He finished school and wanted to come with me to Australia, I found a job in Australia and sold the house I had just finished renovating.  At that time the market was up for houses and I got my money back and then some so we could move to Australia.


Arrived in Australia

Arrived in Australia

We arrived in Australia in June on a Friday and on the Saturday I bought our house.  It was much smaller than the house in New Zealand, but it was ours.  However it did mean traveling 2.5 to 3 hours a day on public transport to get into the city.  I remember 3 weeks after I started work in the city there was a major storm when I was leaving the office, flooding and none of the trains were running.  I had no idea how to get from one end of the city to the next, and my son although he had a New Zealand drivers licence, was not allowed to drive in Australia…  I felt so scared, it was dark, wet and I was alone with no way to get home.  Now many years later I can look back and reflect on that as now I know my way around the city.



Two and a half years ago, my world came crashing down. I felt something in my breast. After the mammogram (and many worried doctors / nurses looking at my scans) I was told I had to have samples taken.  This meant having needles shot into my breast which was not only exceedingly painful but also terrifying as the tool they used sounded like a nail gun every time it went off.  I was sobbing with pain, but it had to be done.  

The diagnosis came back ~ it was cancer

I had not one, but two lumps both stage 3! I was stunned. We had no cancer in my family that I knew of, how, why me??  I was in shock…   I went home to my son and told him, he was quiet for some time and then came and asked if I was going to die! My heart just froze, that was a real possibility. I assured him I would do all in my power to not die, but one does not know, the fear is always with you.

So I had a will drawn up, and within 3 weeks was in surgery for a mastectomy. Things did not go well in the operating theatre. I was there for 10 hours. Then I was on morphen for the pain, which I had a very bad reaction to, so bad I could not talk and was vomiting all the time. But I was alive.

I came home and had to deal with the reality that I was different and now carried some nasty scars.  As things had gone not according to plan on the operating table, they had made the choice to make another incision and quickly.  I hated seeing myself in the mirror.

I had three weeks off work after the operation before I had to return so I could still earn money to pay the bills. This was hard as I was still in a lot of pain physically but also battling emotionally with what I had been though.

But I still had chemo to go through.  I cut my hair really short in preparation for the chemo as I was advised that it would all fall out anyway and I did not want clumps of hair in my bed….  I was again terrified that firstly, the chemo would not work and secondly I would be one of the ones who would react negatively and so potentially have a heart attack etc from the chemicals in the Chemo cocktail, as we have a history of heart disease in my family.


Two months after the operation, I commenced with the chemo…. Every Thursday in for chemo, Friday at home and the weekend to try and recover sufficiently to go back to work Mon-Wed (to keep some income

During Chemo

During Chemo

coming in) and so this went on for two months.

Being a woman and knowing I would loose my head hair, I had no idea that I would loose all of my body hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes! I felt really uncomfortable and naked in the work place.  Looking like this and wearing this weird wig, but I had to do it to survive, my son was still a student and could not help with the bills.

Now I look forward to each day as I am able to spend time with my son, build a stronger relationship with him and am far less “wired” than I used to be.  I have chosen to now live a more organic life style and treasure each day I am alive.

I never had time to take care of myself when I was in the corporate world. I was stuck in this constant spinning wheel of work and home, where was the freedom and adventure? I had no time nor money for any of that. Bills came first.

When I was younger, I loved to travel and see new places, walk on long white beaches feeling the sand crunch through your toes, what changed? When did it change? I really don’t know but I know that I wanted those feelings of adventure and freedom back.  As the song goes, ’18 till I die…’ that’s what I want, the freedom to do that.

What Changed?

Early 2014 I had a breakdown. I lost my job and just sat in this numb world for weeks. Time just vanished and I had no idea where it had gone as I had done nothing…  My mind lost the ability to function, I had to write notes for myself. Finally I slowly began to reconnect with myself.

I then made the conscious decision that I would not return to the corporate world. I wanted to continue to get in touch with myself and grow a closer bond with my son. I was happy for the first time in years, being home.

I dabbled a little here and there with home based businesses, but nothing worked. Dabbling never really does though. Then I stumbled onto an advertisement on the internet that just made me sit up and say, why not, you deserve to be happy and have your freedom, this describes what you desire deep down.  It was about a carpenter who had started with this organisation on line, had started making sufficient money to leave his job and start to travel the world, which was his life long dream.

I too had a dream, so again I took the plunge, only this time I was determined to make it work for me. I was welcomed and instantly became part of what feels like an extended family, only the family we always dreamt about, no fighting, loads of support and encouragement, and love for all. These people are there for me daily to chat and support me and help where they can, but the effort is mine.

I have been given the support and encouragement to make this dream a reality. I have experienced the most amazing training and people who want to help me. The training is not only great for any business but is also teaching me new skills both for the business and self growth.

Now being at home, actually seeing my son and engaging with him like never before, I realised I had missed out on a lot. Being able to spend some quality time on MYSELF, taking up ice-skating again, going for walks on the beach and just spending time doing the things that I wanted to do, I have started to rediscover myself. I even tried surfing.

No more going back to the stressful life and work environment I knew before, I love my freedom too much!

I have taken the commitment to give it my all and do whatever it takes for me to succeed. Yes I am working the hours at the moment, I owe it to myself to do so until I have achieved my goals.

I am enjoying and look forward to helping others that find themselves in the same or similar situation as I did, to make a better life and achieve their dreams.


Blues Restaurant in Camps Bay

In September I took my son to South Africa for an amazing holiday, I look forward to being able to do that for him every year! To experience new and exotic places around the globe is and has always been a dream of mine, now its slowly becoming a reality.

In January of this year I flew across to Las Vegas to our companies conference, which was mind blowing.  

I now have the ability to work from where ever I choose and whenever I choose. It’s my life after all!

I found a system (a platform to run my business on) where I can pIug my business into and sell informational products.  Join me here now

So I took the decision to step out of my comfort zone and take the plunge! This has been huge for me as the risk was enormous, but the rewards far outweigh the risks. Nothing like life changing events to give you the motivation and courage.

My experience since then has been nothing but positive, full of motivation and so many new friends, life is great! I now have a global family.

Others in similar situations to me have reached out and shared their lost dreams and we have worked together to get them on the path to get their dreams back. It feels great helping people on to the right path for them.  I believe that my purpose is to help and serve others achieve the best in themselves.

Now my dreams are no longer looking impossible but are a reality.  I listen every day to something motivational and it keeps me striving forward.

If you feel you want to change things in your life right now, and are keen to see what it is I am doing that has given me this amazing sense of freedom and happiness, please take a look at my video on the link below. I will thank you in advance for sharing your email address so that we can connect.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

 Be amazing!!!

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PS:  If you are happy in your current Job, then this is not for you.

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