Do you ever feel like this?

I know I have…     I was watching a video today where this exact topic was spoken about so it motivated me to write my Blog on it.

Going for Your Dreams Can Really Hurt

So what does this mean to you?  For me its the pain of work and pushing through to that point that it is working and you have hit some of the growth milestones successfully.

headacheWhat I mean by this is that when you start a new business. normally if it is worth any salt, it will require setting it up, establishing your brand, identifying your audience and your marketing strategy.  This takes time and sometimes this can make you feel its not worth the effort.  Keep going ~ push through the pain.

Its only when you start receiving your first lead, making your first sale, no matter how small it is, that the pain now starts to ease.

This is When The Change Happens

When you make your first $3000 sale (if you are in the same business as me) that is when you cross over to the other side.  Something in your head changes, you look at the whole business from a different perspective. It will change your business, it will CHANGE your WORLD.

I know it did for me, but maybe you are still experiencing the pain if you are in your own business?

Never the less, when you are feeling that pain and you start to think that your JOB isIMG_6029 actually not that bad after all…. Don’t Give Up.  Do not give in to those thoughts.

I can assure you that in reality my worst day working for MYSELF, was way better than best day in my old JOB.  Dig down deep because seriously, its way BETTER working for yourself thank working for someone else.

Do not give up, do not give into those thoughts, hang onto your DREAM ~ Never let it go!

Join me TODAY and I can help you reach your DREAM!

I hope that you found this post of interest and perhaps inspiration to push through the pain if you are at that point in your business.

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