Negative, Complaining People are Depressing

How come people get into our profession or any other online profession, then love to complain, to moan about ‘broken promises’ and how they lost money?


Last time I checked, it’s called being an entrepreneur and risk comes11050824_10153175493487863_5858029272794298184_n with it.


If someone doesn’t succeed in ANY business… it’s part of business, not everyone is meant to run a business.


You don’t see people who started a coffee shop, restaurant, clothing store, fitness club…or ANYTHING else and end up in front of the camera on the news saying, “Gee…I got ripped off. The clothing industry made me believe that I was going to succeed and I didn’t. It’s their fault.”  But this happens in online businesses.  Bla Bla Bla…  get over it, you are fogging up my brain!  Its draining me.


If someone doesn’t make it in network marketing or anything else for that matter, it’s probably because A) they weren’t cut out for it in the first place, or b) they didn’t apply themselves long enough, in an effective manner to produce the result.  It’s very tiring to listen to this negetivity.


It really pisses me off to hear people who come into a business, give it two weeks and then say they have been ripped off but THEY are 18519_1580881098836245_4570042020035667230_n - Copyoff to the next organisation!!!  (which needless to say will fail for them as well!!)


I for one, far prefer hanging out with people who are positive and encouraging.  I do not tolerate ‘negetivity’ and ‘complaining people’ in my world.   


The blame game is a lame game.


 Negative, Complaining People are Depressing

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