Good relationships are hard to find, yet it turns out they can be just as hard to keep. The grass isn’t always greener.

So, when did we stop trying in our relationships?

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Let’s face it, when someone special makes a grand entrance into our lives, we instantly put our best foot forward. For some crazy and unexplained reason, romantic attraction can turn even the laziest of us into infatuated over-achievers. People choose to date and voluntarily jump through all the hoops involved simply because they want to. Eventually, all of us crave a relationship when we actually find the person we know is worth it. redefining love relationshipsIf you are currently in a steady relationship, congratulations. But allow me to ask the one question that everyone’s been thinking: Is it really happily ever after from here on out? Was obtaining that relationship truly the hardest part, or have you found that it’s really not all smooth sailing from that point on?

The fact is that once people acquire something they want, they shift their focus to whatever is new, neglecting the attention needed to hold onto their original acquisition. In short, we don’t value each other as much as we once did. Now that we’ve successfully “gotten the girl” or “landed the guy,” suddenly there’s nothing left to worry about anymore. Therefore, what’s the point of trying? Can’t we just take it easy and let things take care of themselves? But here’s the thing: We’re cheating ourselves and taking others for granted. We’re tricking ourselves into believing that just because we have a relationship, it’s automatically a secure one. But that’s not truth talking – just our own laziness.

If you are truly willing to put effort into pursuing someone, you should be willing to put in just as much effort when it comes to keeping them. Romance is said to hold many “ugly truths” as well as many beautiful ones. However, perhaps the most powerful truth yet is that within our relationships, we have to try just as hard every day as we did the day before. Today’s world shows that modern relationships are extremely vulnerable in the face of time, change, and pressure. It may be a hard reality to face, but undoubtedly it proves to be a worthwhile one to accept if you are serious about the one you care for.

Here is a short video on how to maintain your relationships.

But what if the burden seems too much for you to carry? Then don’t try. Please, don’t. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting commitment or feeling unprepared to make sacrifices for another person. Just do a favor to yourself and admit it, openly. That way you can be fair to yourself, and better yet, you can be fair to those you get involved with. Every person can have the chance to enjoy a meaningful relationship; it just takes the right person, time and place. So don’t rush or feel obligated. If you know that you are not the type to work hard in a relationship, then hold off on pursuing one.

redefining love relationshipsThe bottom line is, never assume that somebody already knows you love them. Continually find new ways of saying, and more importantly showing, just how much they mean to you. By no means should we continually force ourselves to bend over backwards in the unrealistic hope of pleasing others both day and night; yet at some point we have to recognize that we can’t coast through our commitments and expect our relationships to survive on their own. That is equally unrealistic. Just as the saying goes, you get what you give, and however much you are willing to receive should determine just how much you should be prepared to give.

If you’re not sure about whether or not to give up on your current relationship, get some additional outside advice here.

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