We all get lost in our life’s journey from time to time. Sometimes we even forget who we really are when life throws a spanner (or three) into the works. Faced with choices to start and end relationships, to travel the world, to follow the hunch or to leave it, to start a family, to say good bye to a loved one, or maybe to close your business and start over again will shake your world as you know it.

There are a whole host of curly life situations that will, despite your greatest resistance, change you… And sometimes that change will over time take you away from your essence… The true you.

Some of these experiences that we go through, are so painful that the emotions they create within us are all consuming.   Over time, we think that we have worked through the pain and moved on, when in reality all we have done is put a bandage on as we still have trapped emotions from that pain buried deep within us.  Even though we have “moved on”.

These ‘trapped emotions’ distort how our body works and cause it to not function properly.  This could over time lead to illness or disease.  These deeply trapped emotions cause us to continually feel this trapped emotion, daily, even if we are not conscious of it.  It is always there, just in the background, but when something happens to trigger that emotion similar to the situation that created it, this emotion slips easily and effortlessly into the fore.  It is powerful and we don’t always recognise that it’s the same as we had from our past experience.

We need to clear these emotions to enable us to truly live our lives.  Some people who have cleared their ‘trapped emotions’ say that they FEEL very different, that is because they have become free from those emotions that help then prisoner for so long.

But then a conversation, a new destination, or a moment of pause will bring you back to that old familiar feeling of self. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know you’ve missed it. You know you want to rediscover the real you again.

To help you, here are 5 suggested ways to rediscover (and reunite!) with the real you:

Redefining You


Take the time to really consider and feel when you have been happiest in your life. Those times you thrived on joy and felt well and truly alive in your skin. Maybe those times you woke up early with a camera in hand to document each day’s sunrise makes you smile from within. Maybe those dance lessons you took once a week with your besties made you laugh harder than you have laughed before. Maybe just something simple like cuddling up with your best furball that made you feel warm and fuzzy.

Trace those feelings of happiness. Follow the road map of your soul.

Redefining You


Flick the switch off autopilot and look around you. Travel through your day curious as a two-year-old. NRedefining Youotice what sparks your interest.  Did you notice that person smile at their partner or child?  Did you hear someone tell someone else they would miss them? Look for the joy around you.  hat places and people you are drawn to, what movies you want to watch, what books you want to read, what movement your body desires, what art you want to create.  Follow your heart where it leads you.

Notice the small and the big revelations, life can be and is amazing if you let it in.

Redefining You


Your emotions are signposts on the road back to the real you. In the same way that you notice what interests and inspires you, what makes you smile, recognise also what makes you angry and sad. What ticks you off? Think about the people and situations in the past that have put you in a bad mood or made you resentful. If you don’t have time to write or to dance or to photograph or to simply be still, how do you feel? If you find yourself annoyed or jealous because of something someone else is doing, ask yourself – why?  Identify the reason behind it, acknowledge and then let it go.  We are all human and have down times, forgive your thought, don’t hold onto it, let it go.  Focus once more on the things that don’t rub you the wrong way  But acknowledge the lesson that you are learning through the things that rub you up the wrong way.

Redefining You


Redefining YouAs you make these discoveries about the real you, record your findings in your journal daily. As you journal about your feelings, surprises and clues will show themselves to you. If the real you hasn’t been given a voice for some time, your journal is the space for this voice to reveal itself. If you have been too busy to notice how much you dislike your job, your journal will tell you. If you have been starved from your creative expression, your journal will also tell you.  If you miss having time to do the things that brought you joy before, your journaling will tell you.

I have written a full blog on how to heal through journaling, take a read here,

Don’t be shy, put pen to paper and see what happens.  Even try doodling in between your journaling.

Redefining You


Our bodies are amazing.  Your body will tell you when you have gone off path or dishonoured your true self, not stood to your values. It will speak with heightened anxiety or maybe a knot in the belly, even embarrassed or uncomfortable over something you said. You may have a head ache or neck pain. You may feel foggy in the head or heavy in the heart.

When you’re on point and aligning with your joy and values, you may feel light and full of energy. You may laugh and giggle and smile more. You may even feel your heart expand. This is your intuition (unconscious) communicating with you through your human self, asking you to listen to what is right for you.

Pay attention to the clues because your unconsious doesn’t lie (it doesn’t know how to!)

We’d love to hear how you have rediscovered the real you on this wild and wicked ride called life. Leave a comment below and let us know if you found our post interesting.  Have you ever tried any of the above and if so, let us know how they worked for you!