The 91 Days of Gratitude Challenge ~ Presented By Diane Anderson

Gratitude Challenge Thank you for taking this first step to gain more happiness and confidence in your life.
Do you want to turn your life around? Change the way you think and feel? Then this challenge is for you as I know exactly how much this means to you. Starting Monday 12th June 2017 ~ however, you can really join in any time 🙂 The new group of people taking the challenge who wish to be part of the larger community kicks off again on 12th June 2017, however, you can join us or sign up at any stage and STILL become part of the community and still receive all the emails… Its okay, I am here to help as many people as I can to change their lives.

This challenge will encourage you to think about and take a serious look at how you are moving through our world. It will help you to start to change your thoughts and to see the shift as “the magic” starts to happen…. Join the Challenge and watch the magic work.

All of this is only possible with your commitment and genuine participation. There will be a closed group for support and sharing (no bashing) as well as themes for encouragement. Transformation always starts from within!

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During the 91 Days of Gratitude, you will be guided and offered themes to make it easier for you to participate and not get stuck on the how or what.

A private group exclusively for all challenge members. Why is this so epic?

Change can be challenging and when we don’t have an environment of people and friends supporting us and allowing us to be our imperfect wonderful selves… or people who don’t understand the journey we’re embarking on, it can be hard and not fun.

Having a group means instantly you’re with like minded people who understand what you’re facing.

And we get to do the tasks and challenge together, which makes it sooo much more fun than trying to do it alone.

Trust me, I did most of mine alone and it was lonely.

So groups rule. We make friends from all over the world, we grow and we are awesome together!

Weekly emails all written by yours truly to support you on your journey so;
(a) you remember what number day you’re on
(b) keep you inspired and focused over your 91 days &
(c) maybe have you thinking in a different way



“What happens in this challenge really had a profound impact on how I viewed my life. It really does change you.”

Joe Webster – LA

“Since starting this challenge I have continued the practices learnt and am now into day 144 and loving it!”

Theresa Adams – AU


A Challenge No Matter Where You Are At In Life

This challenge is for anyone who is wanting to make change in their life. You are invited to join us to play hard but have fun at the same time, to experience the MAGIC Life has to offer. Feel your vibrational change happen.

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, we all have the capacity to increase our ability to really FEEL good about ourselves and our lives.

Life is here for us to enjoy, so let’s enjoy it!


A Word From The Coach

Diane Anderson
So is it true? Can a little challenge really change how you feel about your life?

Back in 2013 I hit rock bottom. In the three years prior to that I had not only lost both my parents, but been diagnosed with breast cancer and under went a mastectomy, chemo and then promptly lost my job. Life sucked for me.

Nothing I tried worked, I saw psychologists, psychiatrists, read books but all to no avail. So I decided to do something myself. That’s when I started to practice gratitude and find pleasure in all the small things around me in my life. THAT was when the true transformation started to happen.

I found such a transformation in myself that I started to offer this concept to others and have seen hundreds of people all over the world, transform their lives and get that little sparkle of life back into their lives. I know how hard it is to get back up once you are down, I know how lonely it is and how hard the simplest of things seem when you are down, but its possible to get back up, I know I have done it and so have hundreds of others. It doesn’t have to be lonely which is why I created this challenge to support and encourage those who are wanting to make that shift.

I also know how simple it can be to shift our lives and feel free to live and love our lives right now without having to change a thing! I have done it.

“I love seeing the transformation that people who do this challenge and play hard having fun doing it, undergo at the end of the 91 days. Join us and experience the MAGIC”




Do I have to be on Facebook? – No, but if you want to become part of our group, then yes, otherwise it gets lonely 🙂

How do I get the most out of this challenge? – Participation and having fun is the best way to see and experience results.

Why 91 Days? They say that it takes 90 days to change a behaviour so I worked out the closest full weeks to 90 and hit 91, lol.


Why put off taking your life to the next level?
SIGN UP now for the 91 Day Gratitude Challenge and join our elete group and start to find the ‘magic’ in life.

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